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“Be yourself more – with skill! In our view, there are no universal leadership characteristics. What works for one leader will not work for another. Those aspiring to lead need to discover what it is about themselves that they can mobilise in a leadership context. They need to identify and use their own personal leadership assets.”
Rob Goffee & Gareth Jones Why Should Anyone Be Led By You? Harvard Business School Press, 2006

Lead has launched GAMECHANGERS, a new Senior Leaders’ Programme for the Jewish community.

GAMECHANGERS is the most game changing leadership experience that the UK Jewish community has developed to date. GAMECHANGERS offered the future lay leaders of our community the opportunity to:

  • Engage with some of today’s most inspirational leaders
  • Explore the latest leadership thinking and develop their own leadership
  • Develop strategic responses to the key challenges facing the community
  • Build a network of peers

The intended outcome was to develop dynamic, inspiring and game-changing leaders with the ability, confidence and Jewish knowledge to lead the UK Jewish community going forward into 2020 and beyond.

GAMECHANGERS has been endorsed by the Jewish Leadership Council as the senior communal leadership programme, ensuring that participants had access to leaders and organisations across the community.

GAMECHANGERS was created by a cross communal working party of lay and professional leaders, led by Miles Webber. Communally Miles is a former chair of the UJIA Allocations Committee, a member of the JLC’s Youth Commission and a Trustee of the New Israel Fund UK. Professionally Miles is Group Head of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability for Land Securities.

To see the programme sessions click here.

For further information:

Contact Nicky Goldman or call 020 7242 9734.