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Adam Science

The Adam Science programme is Lead’s long running flagship leadership development programme for young adults.

We recently re-launched the programme after a year long consultation with our stakeholders – alumni, communal organisations and others who helped us hone what works and what they’d like to see going forward.

One thing we learnt is that for some, learning about the community and discovering how to get involved is enough. For others, developing leadership capability is key.

We’ve clarified our vision;

 ‘To inspire and empower young Jewish adults to lead, and to know how and where they can best contribute to a vibrant and vital UK Jewish community’

and we’ve reshaped the programme into two parts – the Foundations Course (key issues within the British and global Jewish communities and voluntary sector) and the Leadership Programme (leadership development, delivered in partnership with Cass Business School’s Centre for Charity Effectiveness (Cass CCE). 

Adam Science Foundations Course

The Adam Science Foundations Course (ASFC) is an open programme for young Jewish adults in their 20s and early 30s who want to learn more about the Jewish community and how they can best contribute. In 2016, the ASFC ran over 3 Sundays in May, June and July, and covered:

  • Landscape of the UK Jewish community – demographics, communal architecture, challenges and innovations within our sector – the basic 101 on the community
  • Global Jewish picture– global Jewish trends, Europe and Israel – impact on our role here
  • Leadership – leading in the UK voluntary sector, leading Jewishly, and intro to your leadership – bringing it all together

A diverse group of 40 young adults participated in the ASFC, and at the end, they were invited to apply for the second part of the programme – the Adam Science Leadership Programme (ASLP).  It was anticipated that not all would choose to go on to this second more intensive stage and 16 places were available for the ASLP. Those that chose not to apply together with those who were unsuccessful in their application were offered help to further navigate the community to find the right lay opportunity.

Adam Science Leadership Programme

We were really excited to launch the new ASLP in September 2016 which is being run in part in partnership with the Cass Business School’s Centre for Charity Effectiveness (Cass CCE). The partnership enables us to bring best practice and leadership expertise to the Adam Science table, enabling the core cohort to learn from leadership experts as well as apply their learning, via the communal case studies introduced.

Our core cohort will build their leadership capability in understanding themselves and their strengths; building effective relationships; systemic thinking; strategic planning and collaboration. There will also be some facilitated sessions on team leadership, as well as fundraising and Jewish literacy, culminating with the group presenting recommendations on key communal issues. After each session, a different member of our leadership cohort will blog about their experience. You can read their blog here.

In addition, each participant will be matched to a personal mentor; a communal leader focussed on their individual development, helping them to process their learning, access contacts and explore different opportunities for leadership within the community.CASS Logo Big



It is an important principle of the programme that costs should never be a barrier to participation.

The programme is heavily subsidised by the Adam Science Foundation (ASF) and Lead. Participants will be asked to make a contribution of £60 towards the Adam Science Foundations Course – this sum will be match funded by ASF and Lead.

Those that go on to do the Adam Science Leadership Programme (ASLP) will also be asked to contribute towards the cost of the ASLP.

Please note that subsidies and bursaries may be applied for and all applications will be considered fairly.